Although I now write mostly fiction over the years I have written numerous articles on subjects including archaeology, myth and religion, folklore, traditional cosmology and shamanism. This includes a few booklets and a few books. Most of this stuff is now out of print but copies of the books may still be obtainable from various outlets, and some articles are available here as free pdf downloads.

Ymir’s Flesh: North European Creation Mythologies     Heart of Albion Press.


Explore Shamanism     Explore Books, an imprint of Heart of Albion Press.

 Explore Phantom Black Dogs includes my Infernal Watchdogs, Soul Hunters and Corpse Eaters     Explore Books, an imprint of Heart of Albion Press.

Straight Track, Crooked Road : Leys, Spirit Paths and Shamanism     Heart of Albion Press.

 Grail and Cosmos: Arthurian Explorations     Kindle Direct Publishing

Grail and Cosmos collects A Splendid Pillar: Images of the Axis Mundi in the Grail Romances (1992), The Bleeding Lance: Myth, Ritual and the Grail Legend (1992), and The Questing Beast and Other Cosmic Dismemberments (1993), all originally published as booklets by Heart of Albion Press; and A Head on a Platter, first published in Pendragon in 1997.



There are a few articles by me posted in various places on the internet. Most are unauthorised postings and some are on sites with political agendas to which I am wholly opposed. Links to the only (more or less) authorised posts are here, with a few pdfs you can download if you’re so inclined:

The Knots of Death (The Cauldron and reprinted in Web of Wyrd 2, sometime in the early 1990s)

Flying to the Cloud: Soma and the Axis Mundi (Mercian Mysteries 13, 1992)

Goddess of the Black Stone (Mercian Mysteries 15, 1993)

Penda the Pagan: Royal Sacrifice and a Mercian King (Mercian Mysteries 16, 1993)

The Nine Sisters and the Axis Mundi (Mercian Mysteries 16, 1993)

Straight Talking (Mercian Mysteries 17, 1993)

Hellhounds, Werewolves and the Germanic Underworld (Mercian Mysteries 20, 1994)

The Cosmic Mill (Mercian Mysteries 24, 1995)

Iceman: Shaman? (Mercian Mysteries 25, 1995)

The Perilous Bridge (At the Edge 1, 1996)

A Pagan Gothic Ritual (At the Edge 2, 1996)

Hogbacks: Christian and Pagan Imagery on Viking Age Monuments (3rd Stone 33, 1999) downloadable pdf

Shamanism and European Prehistory (Northern Earth)

(List to be updated)







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