What it’s all about

This section of cyberspace is about writing, mostly mine and mostly fiction. There are short stories you can read for free, if you require entertainment of dubious quality. These stories are by me and a few other people, and are accessible via the menus.

The tabs at the top of this page will open doorways into other areas. There’s a page about the short fiction posted here and elsewhere, and one shamelessly advertising the novels I have published. Another page is devoted to the non-fiction stuff I’ve churned out over the years. In addition there is a page of various ravings and ramblings about creative writing, a page on my Yellow Room stories, and a page on which I will be posting short pieces on non-literary matters that concern me one way or another.

Finally there is a page that tells you a little something about yours truly, not that it’ll be of any interest to anyone but the most die-hard and deluded stalker.

I hope you enjoy this site and continue to check in occasionally to see what’s new. If you want to contact me just use the contact form.


 The tiresome stuff

The stories posted here are fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is wholly coincidental, except where historical characters appear, or contemporary public figures are mentioned as background. All opinions expressed in the stories are those of the characters and are not necessarily shared by the authors. Any opinions expressed in the factual articles posted here are mine and are not necessarily shared by the other authors.

All written material on Vainglorious Lunacy is copyrighted by either myself or the individual authors and should not be reproduced in any other format, electronic or printed, without permission, except for short extracts under the ‘fair use’ allowance.  While they are free to read, the stories and articles posted here are the intellectual property of the writers and all rights are reserved. If  you have a website and like any of this site’s contents, please don’t copy texts but post a link to either Vainglorious Lunacy or the individual story.

The exceptions are those items posted here as pdfs for download – feel free to print them out or put them on an e-reader.


 This site is about writing and contains a lot of it. For a more comfortable experience please use your browser’s zoom facility to adjust text size.

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