Simon Jones: Power Cut

Copyright © 2017 Simon Jones

Cuts were threatened, and tonight they start.

Some murmur about emigrating – leaving this dump of a country behind.

Some set out to party up to the last minute with all the lights on, the stereo blaring and the barbeque sizzling.

Those across the street, glaring at them, carefully siphon paraffin into their hurricane lamps.

Children are called in and surrender sullenly, getting their tea and bath done whilst the heat is still on.  Later they’ll be excited, going up to bed with candlelight changing their home into a flickering, haunted wonderland, all moving shadows and sinister corners.

One shopkeeper nails boards up over his window and door.  With the alarms off, he says, anything could happen.

The community centre declares itself open for the night.  Some need companionship more than comfort.

Anticipating a busy time in the coming darkness, Big Sonia puts a nightlight under the red shade.

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